Honda ADV Scooter

City Adventure Concept

Do you like to be outside? Do you like to adventure? Do you like to party and adventure? Okay, maybe the party thing doesn’t apply here but you get the idea. If you’re reading this article you should of answered yes to all of those questions…even the party one. The Honda ADV scooter isn’t just a scooter. This mad dog is an adventure beast. Honda engineers took a step back. They sat in their chairs, at their desks and did some thinking. They thought what good is just a road scooter. We’ve been making road scooters for decades. Why not try to branch out. Let’s bridge the gap of road scooter and off road. They put their thinking caps together and thought, if we were into dirt bikes but needed the comfort of a scooter, what would we build. They thought about this endlessly. It took months and months of thinking, erasing and redoing. Finally they came up with a product all of them agreed just might work. A lot of frame construction, frustration and clever planning they came out with a 570 pound 750cc motorcycle engine on a scooter frame. The Honda ADV combines an SUV style with an off road package, a tough chassis, long travel suspension, four piston radial mount brakes and a dual clutch transmission.

Okay? That’s a lot of talk and not much real info. You’re probably wondering what it will really do for you. Listen, it’s probably easier to name the things that it won’t do for you. This scooter is the bee knees. It’s the cat’s meow. It’s silk, sugar and a whole lot of fun wrapped up in one little, incredibly powerful and superbly engineered design. This scooter can not only navigate the city, with plenty of storage space to carry whatever it is you might need, but it also comes with some outdoorsy, off road capabilities that would even make hard core dirt bike enthusiast turn their heads. With lower gear ratios on the dual clutch transmission it makes for smarter response in the D mode (drive mode).

It also brings three different shift mode stages which allows for craftier shifting while trying out your “sportier riding”. This monster is able to speed up and slow down on a dime. It’ overall handling and performance is something Honda will be able to brag about all day long. Superior might as well be part of their name. It seems no matter what product Honda is trying to perfect or out do whether that be scooters, atv’s, bikes or motorcycles, each and every time they succeed. They’ve outdone themselves, as they always seem to do, with the Honda ADV. It’s going to be a giant and will be a game changer that other brands will be looking at to try and copy or make their own version. Honda, in my humble opinion, will always be at the top of the food chain.

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