Nascar Cup Changes

Their are some major changes coming down the line in the Nascar Cup Race. These changes range from massive to not so important. A few will hardly be noticed while others will make some scratch their heads, wonder why and hope the officials know exactly what they’re doing. These new changes will alter the way that drivers are awarded points throughout the season now. The mass of the change will focus on dividing each race of the entire season into segments. From we’ve been told it will be about three different parts. The new system will be put into place as follows:


  • Teams will know before the season how each race will be divided. This criteria will be based on race and track length.
  • At the end of each segment during the races, bonus points will be given to those drivers placing in the top 10.
  • During the commercial breaks, plans will be made between Nascar and TV networks to ensure as little on-track action (including pit stops) will be missed as possible.
  • At the end of the race, the normal points will be awarded to the finishing order of the race as they have been in the past.
  • The driver’s total for the event will include the normal race finish points plus any top 10 running bonus points collected in the segments.
  • The 10 race chase for the championship will be run, for the most part, as it has been. There is expected to be opportunity for drivers to earn bonus points during the Chase.

This still isn’t a finalized list but it is a pretty good idea of everything these new changes will entail. Cup driver Brad Keselowski said the Cup series drivers’ council played an important role in NASCAR’s race format changes.

“I would say it’s been fairly involved but I think you’re going to see a very collaborative effort tomorrow,”

Keselowski said Sunday at an NMPA function at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Concord, N.C. Asked if the drivers are behind the changes as a group, he said,

“I think so. I can’t speak for every driver but there certainly was a very high amount of collaboration.”

In any sport changes need to be made not only to ensure driver happiness but fan happiness as well. It is the fans in the end who make everything happen. Without there support there wouldn’t be any sports. Hopefully these changes will help the sport out and make the racing and point scaling a little more fair.

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