2015 Suzuki KingQuad 500AXi Sand Dashing

A do-anything middleweight utility ATV

While not Suzuki’s flagship Utility ATV, the KingQuad 500AXi still impresses with state-of-the-art Suzuki technology and it is a capable 4×4 ATV, able to take you which ever road you desire to ride on. The KingQuad 500 AXi benefits from a few key updates for 2015, starting with its 493cc, SOHC, single-cylinder, liquid cooled, four-stoke engine. The rugged and reliable KingQuad 500 AXi receives a few new changes that provides smoother acceleration, quicker throttle response and a stronger feel in the mid high RPM range. The front end of the quad gets a newer aggressive stance while side panel change allows you to easily check your oil level without removing any body parts. As far as 4WD ATV’s are concerned, Suzuki has a long history behind it. In fact the Japanese company invented this type of vehicles with the LT-125 being the first model designed by Suzuki. Since their first model, Suzuki’s ATV’s have been constantly upgraded and this KingQuad 500AXi makes no exception.

2015 Suzuki KingQuad 500AXi Front Right View

Engineers have fitted a new dual sparkplug-equipped four valve cylinder head and fuel injector to boost engine efficiency during combustion burn. On the exhaust side the emissions system, including the catalytic convertor and inside of the muffler were all enhanced for smoother power during acceleration. Like before the Single continues to displace 493cc and maintains a consistent temperature via liquid cooling. The engine is fed through a 4.6 gallon tank located underneath the seat. Engine power is augmented through a CVT-style transmission and pair of differentials with three drive modes; two wheel drive, four wheel drive and differential locked four wheel drive. The KingQuad also is capable of getting out of tight spots with reverse and optional electric power steering. It rolls on 25inch tubeless tires with twin hydraulic disc brakes up front and a maintenance free sealed disc brake at the rear.

2015 Suzuki KingQuad 500AXi Power Slide

Thumbing the KingQuad 500AXi’s electric start button instantly brings the machine to life when cold and throttle response is instantaneous right from the get-go. Then it simply is a matter of selecting the proper drive mode via the KingQuad’s fender mounted, gate-type shifter. With only 493cc of displacement, the KingQuad 500AXi is hardly brute down low and creates an unexpected impression with stump yanking torque at the first hit of the throttle. The KingQuad 500AXi is able to get with the program thanks to its efficient QuadMatic CVT belt-type automatic transmission, which always selects the proper gearing to maintain forward momentum. The system doesn’t freewheel when the rider backs off throttle, thanks to an engine braking system that helps to control the machine during steep descents.

2015 Suzuki KingQuad 500AXi Jump

A capable engine and transmission are useless if they’re planted in a poor-handling chassis and for the most important part, the KingQuad 500AXi’s tubular chassis exhibits very good steering characteristics and excellent stability from it’s 50.6inch wheel base. Suzuki engineers worked hard to ensure a low center of gravity for the 676 pound machine, taking care to cant the engines cylinder 48 degrees and lower its 4.6 gallon fuel tank to improve handling. The handlebar is well-placed for comfort and all of the KingQuad’s controls seem to be in the right places to fit a wide range of rider shapes and sizes. Its easy to rad LCD digital instrumentation contains a speedometer, odometer, twin trip-meters, hour meter, clock, fuel gauge, driving range position and drive mode indicator. LED indicator lamps are used for high, low, neutral, reverse and drive. There are also LED warning lamps for fuel injection and engine temperature.

2015 Suzuki KingQuad 500AXi Climbing Rock

Overall it performs extremely well for a 500cc Utility ATV and its a fun machine, with which to tackle rugged trails. Power-steering or no power-steering, the Suzuki KingQuad 500AXi, is an extremely competent 4×4 Utility ATV. The base is priced at $7,399 and the optional power-steering model is priced at $8,299.

2015 Suzuki KingQuad 500AXi Sand Dashing

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