2017 Honda Pioneer 1000

The Pioneer 1000 is going to be a leader among the UTV world. It has a new I-4WD system that boasts three new features: brake traction control, hill assist and electronic brake force distribution. The new system results in locked in differentials, but with minimal steering effort and kickback. Both new styles come with a multitude of new features. Improved suspension, automatic six speed clutch, and a 999cc twin cylinder engine. The Pioneer comes with a 3 seated person option of a 5 seat. The technological advancements and overall quality of this brand new UTV, shows once again, why Honda is the leader in the power sports industry.

The hill-start assist to brake feature is used while transitioning to the accelerator from a dead stop on an incline. Optimizing brake force distribution between the front and rear brakes while coming to a stop, loaded or empty. The suspension comes with new FOX QS3 shocks which provide any even more smooth ride. It comes with a brand new extra large and in charge bumper, along with aluminum A-arm guards and skid plate protectors to help against rocks and debris when barreling through the woods. It comes in 8 sporty new colors and continues with it’s reputation of durability, quality and reliability.

[image from utvdriver]

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