2017 Indian

Since the Indian motorcycles have had their rebirth under Polaris, they’ve brought two engines to the table and nine new models. Making a giant splash back into the biking community. I’m sure having the legendary name “Indian” certainly doesn’t hurt. When redesigning and figuring out new models, they knew every motorcycle had to remain true to the Indian name, but also be up to date with modern style.  Both models have the, air cooled, 1,811 cc Thunder Stroke 111 V-twin engine. Also being brought into these models is their “integrated infotainment” package, called Ride Command System. Everything on there is designed to be as user friendly as a cell phone. It has a touchscreen that is able to be used while wearing gloves. It has multiple screen modes, large push buttons and bluetooth capability for accessing vehicle info, music and navigation. The Roadmaster is the top of the line motorcycle under the Indian line. It has superb seating, decent wind protection, anti-lock brakes, heated grips and seats, cruise control, adjustable floor boards and a tire pressure monitoring system. The Indian motorcycles certainly hold their own against Honda and Harley Davidson’s. With all the improvements to these models, they’ve taken some major steps in the right direction.

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