Airwheel E3 Folding Bike

Small, compact and folds up into the size of a backpack. Wait…rewind. The title did say “BIKE” right? Yes, it did and yes it is a bike. An electric bike that folds up to something that isn’t all that much larger than a iPad. This bike brings the convenience of the fresh air and rids the annoyance of pedaling, changing gears or getting gears stuck. This bike comes with a car-level Li-ion battery set. The battery is both light, but durable and guarantees more than enough of a power supply. You can both remove or leave the battery hooked up to the bike in order to charge it. The frame is made of a light aluminum alloy. The bike has foldable pedals and a one-trigger accelerator design. Just as with all other Airwheel designs, this one has an app. When riding it gives you real time positioning, riding data, personal settings that you can adjust, and alarms. The E3 comes with a high efficiency USB port that can charge any of your other electronic devices. The handlebar does come with it’s own nifty features. It has EBS (a better braking system), a bell, headlight controls and a phone holder. The headlight, of course, is none other than a high efficient, energy saving, LED light. Instead of a solid one piece seat, the E3 comes with two seats, a left and right. It gives it a balanced force for a more comfortable riding experience. This bike is a step up in technology. It brings all the forces of convenience, comfort and craft, into one simple and easy riding machine. It won’t be long before these bikes are riding around both big and small cities. We are moving closer and closer to a more advanced age in human and technological evolution, this bike is a proof of that. I wouldn’t be surprised if Airwheel soon comes out with an “Air Car”. Maybe that’s still a ways into the future, but it doesn’t hurt to hope for it.

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