The Z5 Electric scooter is the brand new, adult, foldable scooter. I could try to bore you to death with fancy words and why this product is a must have but I’m going to try and keep it short and sweet. First of all this scooter rocks. It’s easy to fold. When you have “foldable scooter” in the headline of your product, it better be the easiest folding scooter on the market. It has an easy to grab handle with all of the buttons and triggers in just the right places. It has a modular battery thatis designed to be taken out and replaced if need be. This battery can also help charge mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices during travel. It is “technically” designed for all age groups with an adjustable handle. The scooter, being made in the most technologically advanced era ever, comes with an Airwheel App. It can be connected anytime to the Z5 and lets you know speed, remaining power, mileage and an abundance of other neat details. It also has dual shock absorbers on the front for a smooth and easy ride. The Z5 is a step into the future and shows just what kind of technology we are diving into and how much further we are going to be able to push the limits in design.

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