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Purchasing a new motorcycle is a big step that merits thorough research. Finding out as much as possible is an absolute necessity because just like most consumer products as soon as a dealer transfers ownership, the motorcycle enters the used-market and this reduces the resale value significantly.

Contrary to common misconception, the cost of filling up and maintaining a motorcycle are not the biggest expenses, the biggest expense is actually the depreciation value- the difference between the value of motorcycle when you buy it and when you sell motorbike or trade it in. It is wise to choose a motorcycle that depreciates (loses value) slowly.

New Motorcycle Tyre

Motorcycle depreciation value is greatest during the first few years. Most bikes are typically valued at about 50% of their initial cost by the five year point; the price reduces by another half by the tenth year. Here are effective tips that will come in helping you beat depreciation when choosing a new motorcycle.

Simple but effective that will ensure you beat depreciation when choosing a new motorcycle
With these simple tips you will be able to buy a new motorcycle that you can resale at a reasonable price.

1. Depreciation value is varies for different types of motorcycles
Depending on your preferences and needs, you need to select a motorcycle brand that is specifically suited to your requirements. Thanks to advancement in this industry, motorcycles are currently available in plethora of shapes and sizes; consider the depreciation value before settling on one.

A motorbike make and model that is extremely rare or one that is renowned for its durability commands a higher resale price than an everyday motorcycle that requires regular maintenance. For instance dirt bikes typically depreciate faster than most motorcycles because their use is shorter than that of other types.

If you are into sport bikes, cruisers, BMWs, Harley Davidson or Japanese bikes then you are in luck. Reliable studies and data show that cruisers retain an estimated 65% of their value within the first year or the first 20,000km.

This is narrowly ahead of dual sport bikes that retain 63% of their value and sport bikes that retain close to 64% of their value within the same time period. On the other hand, mini bikes have the worst retained value and drop by 47% in first five years.

Before deciding what bike to purchase it is advisable to research the market and talk to motorcycle dealers who deal in both the sale of new and used motorcycles. They will advise you on which models do well in the resale market and which models will cost less.

To be safe opt for models that have a proven history of reliability. Extensive research has ascertained that German motorcycle brands such as Volkswagen, Audi and BMW have relatively strong residual values.

2. Choose a Motorcycle with the appropriate engine capacity and fuel efficiency
Buying a motorcycle with the right engine capacity will determine whether your motorcycle is fuel efficient or not. The used market for motorcycle with a fuel efficient engine is better than trying to trade in a motorbike is expensive to fuel.

Here is a brief but detailed guideline that will help you select the right engine capacity that works for your particular needs and requirements;

• The right engine capacity for you can range between 50cc to 1800cc; bigger engine capacity means more power, big weight and a bigger fuel bill.

• This means that you should choose a motorcycle with a capacity that can accommodate your needs, don’t go for a very big engine if you don’t need it.

• If you are looking for a bike to run normal home errands then anything below 250cc is adequate and easy to fuel, 250cc to 650cc is mid-range while 650cc to 1200cc is a big bike that can go long distances. On the other hand anything above 1200cc is a monster that is very expensive to fuel!

Choosing a motorcycle with the right engine capacity ensures that you can fuel your motorbike adequately to meet your needs and that you can easily trade it in at a reasonable price since the next buyer will have an easy time fuelling it.

QUICK TIP- to ascertain fuel efficiency try and get information on the average mileage of the motorcycle you intend to buy. The greater the average mileage, the better the fuel efficiency; remember that a bike with better fuel efficiency will not only save you money in the long run but will also make it appealing to the next buyer.

3. Beat depreciation by buying a motorbike that has readily available spare parts
If you are buying your motorcycle for consistent use even if it is brand new then be prepare to cater for repair costs and buying new spare parts when the bike breaks down. If you purchase a motorcycle whose spare parts are rare then you run the risk of spending expensively on repair and maintenance cost.

The last thing anyone wants is a used motorcycle whose spare parts are rare and difficult to access. This means that if you buy a new motorcycle that has inaccessible spare parts then you will have a very difficult time trading it in and you may have to dispose it at a throw-away price.

That luxury motorcycle may seem like the best option now but consider how hart it will be to replace parts in case they break down. A motorcycle is a risky investment; reduce depreciation and protect yourself by buying a brand that can easily and inexpensively be repaired.

4. Delight or Shock?
Motorbike manufacturers have found a way to boost profitability by selling add-ons and personalization options which the next buyer after you might not want or even care for. Keep in mind that a motorbike gadgets, color and optional extras are specifically designed to surprise and delight’ the initial owner, this might have the opposite effect ‘shock and depreciation’ when you are attempting to trade it in. To beat depreciation when buying a new motorcycle, it is advisable to stick to fairly standard mainstream models that will be easy to resale.

Depreciation has become an increasing concern as shorter model life cycles and discounts hit used motorcycle values. The best way to beat depreciation while buying a new motorcycle is negotiating for the strongest possible deal when buying a new motorcycle.

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