Biker Girl Tattoo

Outer beauty helps one to face the crowd with confidence. A tough biker look is demanding for a biker chick. Motorcycle riding and apparels offer a macho look still a biker girl seems sexy and feminine even in motorcycle gears and apparels.

Outer beauty is based on the outer physical sharp features. It mainly considers young looking, smooth skin, well-proportioned bodies and regular features. According to the changing cultures and morals, the concept of beauty also has been changed. Beauty is based on comparison. To achieve success or to be top in that comparison we should keep every factors which enhances our beauty.

Biker Girls Makeup

Beauty is innate and hereditary. But to an extend you can improve your skin tone and beauty with high quality make-up kits. Make-up plays a vital role in enhancing ones beauty. The only criteria of girls is to get attracted by the men folk. Every biker girls desired to look pretty when their helmets comes off. Here are some unrevealed tips.

Don’t go for a full face make-up on full-covered helmets. It is stupid to apply heavy full face make-up while riding.
Make-up should be based on helmets that you wore. No need of applying foundation, compact powder, eye liner, mascara, lipstick, eye shadow etc over the face while on full faced helmets.

Motorcycle Girls Helmet

Concentrate on eye and lip make-up rather than the full face make-up. There is a wide chance of rubbing face make-up while wear helmets.

It is better to apply some SPF 30 sunscreen or foundation on 3/4 shell helmets. SPF rated face creams help us from sun burn.

Biker Girl Makeup

Better to keep it simple and go for a nude make-up while riding.

Eye is the beautiful part of ladies body. On motorcycle, eye is only part we can see much better than other through helmets. So give much importance to eye make-up like water-proof eye liner, mascara and long wearing eye shadow. Eye provides vision and beauty. So we have to spend our precious time to eye. We should occasionally wash our eyes with clean water. This will provide a cool and fresh effect to our eyes. Apply some eye revitalizing creams for removing dark circles around the eye before go to bed. Take vitamin c foods which are good for eyes. Sleep at least 8 hours a day which is mandatory for your good mind and beautiful face.

Lips are the most sexiest facial part of ladies. Lip is the next centre of attraction after eye. Apply lip care balm before implementing lip gloss or lipstick on your lips. Chapped lips will kill the biker girl look. If we take care of small cute pink lips, it will play bigger in your personality. Dark color lipstick is good for summer and light colors in winter season. A natural beauty tip to enhance your color and beauty of lips are honey and lemon. Daily use of honey and lemon will offers an incredible change to the lips.

Motorcycle Lips Makeup

Nose is another projected area on ones face. Black heads are the main villain which lost the looks of a biker girl. Clean-up is the main remedy for black heads. Do it once in a month. If you are above 25, facial works more on you than clean-up. It softens and tightens your skin which stops your age for a long period.

Another main villain is pimple and black marks on your forehead and cheek. This may cause because of oily food, dandruff, hormone imbalance, climate and from using others belongings. Always be happy and avoid taking oily, fat and junk foods. Include more fruits and steamed food items in your daily habit. Water can do much than everything, so take 12-15 glasses of water per day.

We should give extra care to the entire skin. Daily using of petroleum jelly and other anti-chafing creams will helps your skin from rubs involving helmet straps, jacket edge, zipper etc. Sun burn and UV rays are the another hazardous problem for your skin. Use only SPF (Sun Protection Factor) creams 20 minutes before you go out.

Biker Babe Tattoo

Water-resistant make-up is good to act against wind and moisture. After the drive biker girl should have to remove the whole face make-up with a good make-up remover or cleanser. Don’t use soap on your face. Use high quality face washes twice in a day. Take a bath after the drive will washes away your dirt and tiredness. Apply some toner daily after the bath will helps you to maintain a soft and young skin.

Nails- If you have long nails, then no doubt your hands will look sexy while riding. But we have to should give enough care to the weakest part that makes you strongest while in riding. Nails have a tendency to break unless care is shown. Long nails provide a sexy biker chick look. When a biker girl desire to show her sexy nails, she should have to wore fingerless gloves. Nails in full gloves seems disgusting and worthless. Somebody felt sad because of not having natural long nails, don’t worry.

Artificial nails are available in varies shape, colors and patterns. Nails should be clean and shaped. Avoid using chemicals directly with your bare hand. It will damage your nails. Nail products also make harm to nails like nail polish. Daily use of low quality nail polishes lead to yellowish color and brittle nails. Make a habit of using nail care products which contains natural nylon fibres and organic ingredients. Plus include some prescribed multivitamins and supplements. Do manicure once in a month for healthy nails.

Motorcycle babe tattoo


Women stepped into tattooing two decades ago. It can be done as a permanent body work or a temporary one. Permanent tattooing is a painful one and it lasts life long. It is the process by which the ink is injected to the second layer of the skin with a needle. This will take time according to the size of the design. Tattooing should be safe. There is a wide chance of getting contagious diseases and allergies from the used and unclean needle. So do it only under experienced professionals.

Motorcycle Lady Tattoo

Tips for safe tattooing
Tattoo parlours should be cleaned in terms of artists, place, bathroom, gloves and needle.
Artist should clean their hands before wearing gloves and must change during intervals. If not it is sure you will be at risk.

Disposable needles are good for tattooing. It should be disposed after every single use.
If it is non-disposable needles, sterilize both needle and machine. Autoclave offers best and safe tattooing. So select parlours which have autoclave.

Don’t use the leftover ink for tattooing. Check whether the artist is disposing the leftover ink after every single use. It is good for your health.

Tissues should be placed in a tidy manner. Otherwise the parlour and artist is not considering the health of the customer. Don’t select these type of places for tattooing.

A good artist will give instructions post tattooing.

Biker Babe Bum Tattoo

If you are disgusted or fed up with your tattoo. There are several ways to remove tattoos.
Laser treatment- It is the safest way of removing tattoos. Laser treatment is a time-taking and expensive process according to the size of the design.

Dermabrasion, another tattoo removing method which consists of freezing and sanding of the skin. It is a painful removing method like tattooing.

Salabrasion, a painless tattoo removing method which uses some salt solution and skin sanding. It will take 30-60 minutes.

Scarification, a low profile method which left some scars after the acid solution method. It is not at all popular.

Biker Girl Tattoo

If you are afraid of the pain, there are temporary tattoos for motorcycle women. It is safe and fade within some days. So enjoy the beauty of body art. Apart everything, strong, courageous, confidence and grace are enough for a sexy rider.

Sexy Tattooed Biker Girl

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