Self Driving Scooter

Singapore has unveiled it’s latest invention, the self driving scooter. It’s meant for a number of different people. The main purpose is pedestrian environments, to helps navigate small and narrow pathways where larger vehicles can’t get to. This scooter is also geared towards phone obsessed walkers. The ones that have their eyes glued to that small screen eighty percent of the day. Most of them haven’t mastered the art of multitasking which in return makes them extremely accident prone.

The idea of this scooter is to be mobile both indoors and out. Anywhere from the sidewalks to the malls. The elderly might benefit the most from this new invention. Let’s all be completely honest. Sure there are some elderly people who are just as sharp on the road as they were forty years ago. Then there are some that shouldn’t even be let within twenty feet of a car and yet they are still driving around everyday. For most of those elderly couples they don’t travel very far. Mainly to the grocery stores quick and then back home. Baking is king or queen amongst older people. This scooter would be perfect for them.

It’s able to drive itself; therefore, they don’t have to do anything and it can be used on the way and in the store as well. As long as that store happens to have automatic sliding doors. It travels around six miles per hour, nothing to fast. There are sensors built into the front of the scooter to tell if there are obstacles in front of it and also when to slow down and speed up depending on how close it is to it’s destination.

Self Driving ScooterThere are huge, positive, changes that can come from this advancement in technology. It’s steering more towards a car-lite society. It’s going to improve motor ability among over populated areas. It’ll help in many downtown cities and towns. There is no doubt that it’s going to help reduce accidents that are made by human error. Hopefully, there won’t be any accidents made by technical glitches, but that’s certainly something that can’t be guaranteed.

Nothing is perfect in this world of ours. Environmentally, these new scooters would be able to cut down emissions anywhere from twenty to fifty percent. That’s a very big deal right now especially with global warming being so prevalent in our current society. Overall these scooters are just the beginning. This is a breakthrough in technology advancement and more areas are going to be tapped in to. It’s going to be interesting to see what the coming years and decades will hold. There certainly won’t be flying cars or any “Back To The Future” incidents going on but we are definitely be moving towards a more technology relied world. There can be both good and bad when that happens. Technology certainly brings a giant convenience factor but can also cause quite a bit of headaches. It all depends in the end how you handle it. For now though…handle with a self driving scooter.

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