UPS Launches First Bike

You read this article right. Continue reading, if you’re as curious as I was to see exactly what kind of bikes these delivery boys are going to be riding around on. It looks like a major concern for UPS, or their New Year’s resolution, to help reduce carbon emissions. UPS has been delivering our strangely wrapped mail, boxes and sometimes damaged packages for over one hundred years. The giant, brown vehicles driving around have almost become iconic. They’ve stamped their place in history like McDonald’s or Walmart. In 2012 UPS decided to give a trial run to an e-bike. A bike that looks very similar to the same thing you would see riding along, oh lets say, a bike path. It has a front wheel drive front end, a large container attached to the rear with two wheels, an oddly shaped windshield/roof for weather protection and can support up to six hundred pounds. It does indeed serve a purpose and isn’t just to be looked at funny. Even though when I first heard the story, I cocked my head a little and though to myself, “Certainly this can’t be a real thing”. Oh it’s very real. So much so that it’s currently being used in major cities. The first tests were in Hamburg, Germany and then progressed stateside into Portland, Oregon. Testing seems to have went well and I’m sure the delivery drivers who use these, get some sort of bonus or pay increase. Not every UPS driver is going to want to peddle around town all day on a bike and come back with burning thighs and a incredible urge to lay down. Of course this system can only be used as a seasonal substitute. They can’t be slapping chains on the spoke wheels and hoping for the best in the snow drifts. This will save UPS a major bill in gas and maintenance charges. All around, it seems like a good system to began gearing towards. It also helps get people out into the fresh air and pack on a little extra exercise while doing your job. We’ll see what the other delivery companies around the country come up with next to try and one up the e-bike.

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