Vespa 946 Limited Edition

In the world of premium sports bike and sports cars, nobody really cares about scooters. Being automatic with smaller wheel, without any thrill spirited and adrenalin rush while riding, these are under rated machines. But the case of Italian super hot scooter maker Piaggio is bit different. The Vespa range of their scooters had set a benchmark in the motorcycle industry, ever since they first appeared on the global market. From then, they are the best selling scooter brand across the globe.

From their entire product line-up one scooter stands apart, that is the Vespa 946. As its name plate says, it was born in 1946. Here, the aesthetic and dynamic spirit that wrote the history of the two-wheeler have been taken to the extreme to create classic lines that look to the future. The 946s original style and contemporary design is the symbol of Italian Elegance. Adding the more Italian elements to it, the special edition of 946 features the only motorcycle to bear ‘Emporio Armani’ logo.

Vespa 946 Armani

The metal parts of this Vespa is produced using galvanic treatments, with a satin finish which creates opaque effect in line with the finishing touches of the body. The engine of this scooter is made of aluminium cylinder blocks. The electronic riding controls complement the innovative four-stroke electronic injection system, which helps in improving fuel economy and minimal emissions. The 125cc engine of Vespa delivers 12PS power @ 8250 rpm and 10.33 Nm of torque @ 7000 rpm.

Vespa 946 Ea

This scooter also features ABS system and ASR traction control system. A larger 12-inch wheel using 220 mm double disc brakes guarantees safer braking on the roads. A full LCD instrument cluster and
LED headlights and indicators makes the scooter even more elegant to the eyes. The iconic Armani eagle logo of the brand sits above the headlight and words “Emporio Armani” appear on the side.

Vespa 946 Front

This Vespa is originally inspired from the World War-2 era Vespa the MP6 prototype, which has a body made of sheet steel with aluminium elements. This is an overpriced scooter compared to the power and engine capacity of this vehicle. But it is studded with premium and luxury in every department, especially the Armani styling, which has increased price tag of this ‘luxury scooter’ even more.

Vespa 946 Limited Edition

Vespa 946 consists of tradition and innovation with a unique craft approach and futuristic vision.

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